Tentacle Earrings in 18K Gold

A few years ago during a visit to the Boston aquarium for my birthday I got the chance to observe a beautiful purple octopus. While it’s sad to see such a creature confined in a small space, I couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the way she moved. Like a dance, she glided slowly around her tank, twisting her tentacles through the water. The octopus is one of the ocean’s most mysterious creatures. With over 300 species, it is among the most intelligent of all invertebrates. After witnessing this magic I knew I had to turn that natural beauty into a piece of jewelry.

These earrings were hand carved in wax, each suction cup individually applied and refined. They were cast using the lost wax process and cast in 18K gold. After cleaning up the imperfections and applying a stippled texture, I polish back the high points to shine bright, increasing the depth of the texture.

To special order earrings in 14K gold, platinum, or with some gemstones of your choice, please visit the *contact page*.

Earrings measure ¾” long by ¼” wide.


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