Barnacle Apatite Earrings

These sterling silver barnacle earrings were made directly from a real barnacle found on a lobster buoy. While helping a friend out in his shop painting buoys, I came across it and thought it was the perfect size for a piece of jewelry. It was molded and cast using the lost wax process, and the backs are are hollowed out for lightweight wear.

These earrings feature apatites set in 14K gold settings. Apatite has some really amazing healing properties. Spiritually, it is known to clear confusion, irritability, sorrow, anger and frustration. Physically, it helps us absorb calcium, which is great for our cartilage, bones and teeth!

To order these earrings in gold, platinum, or with gemstones of your choice, please visit the contact page.

The barnacles are 5/8″ in diameter.


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