Iolite Tapered Barnacle Ring in Sterling Silver + 18K

One sunny summer day while visiting North Haven, the island across the thorofare from my home island, I came upon an old rusted anchor at the local boatyard. Upon closer inspection there were three large barnacles that had apparently fallen off during it’s time sitting on the wharf. This sterling band was built from sections of one of those barnacles, keeping it’s intricate texture consistent throughout the entire ring. The interior of the band has been generously carved in the comfort fit style, making it very comfortable on the finger.

This barnacle ring features a 7.8 carat oval iolite cabochon set in a custom 18K bezel. Iolite is known as an intuitive gemstone. It helps to release us from the expectations of others and free us to be truly ourselves. Iolite is associated with the third eye and crown shakras.

Please visit the contact page to custom order a barnacle ring in gold, platinum, or with a custom gemstone of your choice.

Band is 3/8” wide at the widest point at the base.


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