Ship’s Wheel Ring on Mermaid Band with London Blue Topaz

Mermaids are one of my favorite mythical creatures. The idea of swimming deep in the sea through coral reefs with all the colorful fish, mollusks and octopus is a dream I strive to express in my work. Scales are a beautiful shimmering texture found on so many living creatures in the sea, it only seems natural to wrap them around the finger. Each scale is handcarved in wax, and the inside of the band is rounded over for the most comfortable fit. Cast using the lost wax method, this ring is cast in silver, then cleaned up and textured with a stipple wheel. The last step is to apply a black patina, and polish it back to deepen the texture of the scales.

The inspiration for this bezel setting originated from a custom ring I made for a client last year. Starting with a plain step bezel, I was looking for an added design element and started playing around with granulation. After several different iterations, we chose this design, which after completion, jumped out at me as reminiscent of a ship’s wheel. This iconic object symbolizes a power held by those at the helm: to take control of your life, to choose your own destiny, your own path, your own adventure.

This ring features a London Blue Topaz that reflects the beautiful greenish blue color of the sea weighing in at just over a carat. Topaz possesses many wonderful properties. It is known to be a soothing stone that recharges, heals and recenters the wearer. Surrounded by an 18 karat gold bezel reminiscent of a ship’s wheel, it evokes daydreams of an adventure on the high seas.

Please visit the contact page to custom order this ring in all gold, platinum, or with a gemstone of your choice. Additionally, if you do not see your size available, please reach out.


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