Seahorse Pendant in Sterling Silver

While seahorses are rare in Maine waters, they are sometimes found clinging to the wire of a lobster trap for an unplanned ride up to the surface. Some captains go their whole career without seeing one, as they don’t usually swim up past Cape Cod. In nature, seahorses use their tails to grab hold of such things as seagrass to roost at night.

Seahorses are one of the most unique creatures to inhabit our waters. Although they swim upright, they are considered a fish. Instead of scales, however, they have hard bony plates which create their fascinating, intricate texture. Rarer still, along with their cousin the sea dragon, they are the only creature in the world in which the male gives birth. Seahorses also mate for life, which is remarkable in the animal kingdom at only 3-5 percent of species, how romantic!

Ranging from half an inch to a foot, seahorses have always been an inspiration to me, and I have always wanted to create one. When my father brought me back a few dried ones he had found on a trip, I knew it was time. All hand carved in wax, this is by far the most intricate piece I’ve ever made. With the original seahorse at my bench, I was able to constantly refer back to ensure I was encapsulating the true essence of this creature, in all her texture and beauty.

Cast in sterling silver, she is a mirror image on the back, measuring 1 ¾” tall by 1” wide, on an 18″ chain, other lengths available. 

Please visit the contact page to custom order this beauty in any metal with your favorite gemstones.  


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Chain length

16", 18", 20"


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