Sapphire Urchin Ring

While tiny urchins are rare and almost impossible to find, it is equally amazing to find a large intact urchin that has been the snack of a gull and discarded on the beach to tumble in the surf. Ever since I made the first little urchin I’ve been wanting to make a larger one. This urchin has a presence, it makes a statement.

The base of this urchin was handcarved in wax and carefully hollowed out for wearability. I then individually applied hot wax spheres to create the familiar texture. After a mold was made it was cast using the lost wax method, cleaned up and finished like most of my pieces with a stippled texture.

Please visit the contact page to custom order an urchin in any combination of silver, gold, platinum, and gemstone.

Urchin measures ¾” square and sits 5/16” off the finger


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