Blue Zircon Ship’s Wheel Earrings in 18 Karat Gold

While lobstering has deep roots in my paternal family, sailing has a long history in my maternal family. My grandfather learned to sail from the captain who skippered his grandfather’s schooner. He went on to get his own schooner and spent many summers sailing around New England with my beautiful grandmother as his first mate.

The inspiration for these earrings originated from a custom ring I made for a client last year. Starting with a plain step bezel, I was looking for an added design element and started playing around with granulation. After several different iterations, we chose this design, which after completion, jumped out at me as reminiscent of a ship’s wheel. This iconic object symbolizes a power held by those at the helm: to take control of your life, to choose your own destiny, your own path, your own adventure.

These earrings feature rhodolite garnets weighing in at 2.87 carats total. With a high refractive index like a diamond, blue zircon is not only an extraordinarily dazzling stone, but one of the oldest stones on earth. They are known to aid in building relationships and self confidence, help the wearer feel more grounded, and can assist when struggling with anxiety, depression, and infertility. Adorn yourself with these earrings and set sail for greatness!


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