Blue Zircon + Opalized Petrified Wood Barnacle Earrings


From the Dark Sea Collection: The inspiration for these ribbed barnacles came from a wharf overlooking Carver’s Harbor on my home island of Vinalhaven, Maine. Stuck to the brick weight of a lobster trap drying out next to a piling, was one of the biggest barnacles I had ever seen. Very gently, I was able to get it out and bring it home to study it in my studio while I carved a similar piece in wax.

These stunning blue beauties have a touch of edginess to them. Featuring petrified opalized wood found in the midwest of the United States, they are held in with 18K gold claw prongs and backed with blackened sterling silver. These unique stones, which help bring balance to one’s life, are a great grounding stone, aiding in calming scattered energies. They hang from blackened sterling ribbed barnacles which are set with 2.4 carats of blue zircons in 18K gold bezels. With a high refractive index similar to diamonds, blue zircon is not only an extraordinarily dazzling stone, but one of the oldest on earth. They are known to aid in building relationships and self confidence, help the wearer feel more grounded, and can assist when struggling with anxiety, depression, and infertility.

These earrings hang just over two inches long and are a half inch wide.


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