Baby Mussel Shell Earrings

Another treasure I loved to collect along the shoreline as a girl, every mussel shell is unique, except for its mirror image. Its rough, lined texture is not just an intriguing surface, but a sign of its years, its journey.

These earrings were originally hand carved in wax, each line carefully cut and sculpted to replicate the mottled blue ribs found on the water’s edge. After being cast using the lost wax method, I shrunk the original model, molded and cast it again. The final steps were to clean up the imperfections and apply a stippled texture.

Three options are currently available: Sterling Silver, Sterling Silver with 1.5mm diamonds, and 18K Gold.

To order these earrings in a different metal, or with gemstones of your choice, please visit the *contact page*.

Earrings measure 3/8” long by 1/4” wide, and posts are in the center of the mussel allowing them to sit perfectly on the ear lobe.


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Sterling, Sterling with Diamonds in 18K Bezel, 18KY Gold, 18KY Gold with Diamonds


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