18 Karat Gold Coral Band with Teal Spinel


The inspiration for this ring came to me while walking along a small rocky beach in Boothbay Harbor looking for treasures. I came across some small spindly coral I had never seen before, some purple, some white. The delicate beauty of these pieces screamed out at me to make them into jewelry. This band was hand carved from wax and cast using the lost wax method. The low profile design makes it perfect for everyday wear, from work, to the beach, to dinner on the pier. Highly customizable, you can order multiples of these bands in the metal of your choice and select your own stones by visiting the contact page.

This band features a 1.12 carat teal spinel set in a hand fabricated 18K gold bezel. Spinels have a very similar hardness to sapphires, making them a great, durable stone for a ring.

The band measures 2.75mm wide by 2.5mm tall.

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